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People outside Ireland who hear the name of Kilkenny, at least the beer drinking community, automatically associate it with the Irish ale of the same name. But Kilkenny is also a town and a county in south-eastern Ireland with a booming dairy farming industry. In Waterford, some 30 miles south of Kilkenny, the new Glanbia dairy that is being built confronted the experts at Skyline Scaffolding Ltd. with an unusual challenge.

A temporary hall for the prefabrication of the dryer
To make it possible to prefabricate the dryer in a weatherproof environment at the construction site, the Irish scaffolding specialists erected a freestanding 1,645 m² structure using Layher Allround Scaffolding. The Keder Roof XL has an impressive 26 m span and no tie at eaves height to ensure plenty of headroom for the construction of the dryer. To make the structure weatherproof it was shrink wrapped, which meant it couldn’t be anchored, so the Layher technical office in the UK responsible for the technical concept incorporated ballast at the lowest level. The roof had to open so that the dryer could be removed from the structure by crane when completed, which is why the Skyline team opted for a mobile roof. The rails were installed projecting out on the eaves side to allow the roof to roll open. An unconventional solution was found to make the opening even larger for the crane: the Keder Roof XL ledgers were removed between every second beam so that the roof covering could be pushed together like an accordion.

The Integrated System is from Layher –
the customer developed the creative application
“Layher’s integrated scaffolding system is suitable for all kinds of applications and structures,” commented a representative of Skyline Scaffolding Ltd. “This is the first project where we’ve supplemented Allround Scaffolding with a Keder Roof XL. Now we can offer our customers all kinds of new things, and it definitely gives us a competitive advantage in the market.” The Keder Roof XL can be very simply combined with our existing scaffolding. “We can very quickly and flexibly meet a wide

range of customer requirements with Layher products and, as a result, we’re very successful in our market,” said Skyline. “We were able to apply our entire experience and creativity in this project, and the Layher engineers in the UK helped us to come up with this unconventional folding concept.” The Keder Roof XL is based on lightweight 75 cm-high aluminium lattice beams with integrated keder section in the top chord. It’s a cost-effective solution for both small and large spans. Depending on the local weather conditions, spans of up to 30 m are possible, setting new standards for temporary roofing over construction sites or stages. The Keder Roof XL has many applications, ranging from roofing during the addition of storeys to buildings or roof repairs, weather protection for new structures, roadworks on motorways and bridges, and numerous applications for events and festivals.

Safety and satisfaction are the keys to success 
Skyline Scaffolding Ltd. was founded in 1999. It offers a comprehensive range of scaffolding project planning, implementation and support services to industrial, commercial and private clients. Based in logistically advantageous Cahir, Co. Tipperary, the Irish company has built a reputation for its strong commitment to customer service and safety, which is reflected in various awards and certifications such as the Construction Industry Federation Award – Safe-T-Cert and the NISO Safety Award. “Our many years of experience enable us to deliver fast and efficient solutions, even in genuinely challenging projects. And the Layher scaffolding systems are a great advantage,” said a company spokesperson. “There is ongoing investment in both training and equipment to maintain the high standards that our clients expect.”





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