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It’s normally pretty quiet inside this car park during the day. The shift workers park their cars here where they’ll be protected and disappear into the production halls. But right now, when Armin Eipper, Project Manager at QuadreX Geruestbau GmbH, walks onto his construction site at the car park, he’s bombarded with an infernal noise because his team is busy cleaning the concrete building with ultra high pressure water jet equipment. It’s unbearable without professional hearing protectors.

The Layher Protect system doesn’t just attenuate the noise emissions by an impressive 26 dB, it also prevents the concrete slurry from splashing the surrounding area, which is why the owner decided to encase the entire building before the renovation work commenced. “Our customer specified the Layher Protect system in the request for bids because he’s been satisfied with it in past projects and he liked the way the scaffolding façade looked,” explained Eipper. The system protects the construction site from the elements and the environment from dust, noise and falling objects. A busy customer centre is located right next to the construction site, and the Protect enclosure system shields it from dust and noise. “This system doesn’t impair customer operations or customer consultations. We’ve even heard people say that the new facade looks much better than the old one. Let’s see what they say when the scaffolding’s been dismantled,” added the scaffolding specialist with a grin.

Efficient construction site protection system
The QuadreX Gerüstbau GmbH team only had a 7-day timeframe to put up a 4,800 m2 façade of Layher SpeedyScaf scaffolding. Then the Protect elements, which are dimensioned to fit into the SpeedyScaf system, were installed. The scaffolding specialists had to work very precisely to ensure that the entire scaffolding was perfectly perpendicular. Project Manager Eipper explained, “The Protect system provides a dust tight enclosure without any gaps at all when it is properly erected. But that only works when the scaffolding is completely straight.” The six-man team only needed 6 further days to mount the Protect cassette elements. They run continuously from a corner of the building to ensure that the facade is completely straight and dust-tight. Protect frame elements in galvanised sheet steel and elements in transparent plastic sheets which allow daylight into the enclosed area were both used.

Flexibility is about finding a simple solution
The corners posed a special challenge to the experienced scaffolders in this project. “We sat down with the Layer technicians to work out a very simple and

pragmatic solution for the installation of the corner cassettes that met all the customer’s requirements,” said Eipper proudly during the inspection. Eipper’s team were only able to offer the customer an innovative solution combining the SpeedyScaf system with the professional Protect system in such a short length of time because of their meticulous groundwork and the detailed scaffolding plan. The Protect elements are currently being removed one by one as the work progresses, and the floors where it has been dismantled can be opened to the public again. The next construction site is already waiting for the Protect elements to enclose it.

QuadreX GmbH – scaffolding and more
Quadrex Gerüstbau GmbH was founded as Postweiler Gerüstbau in 1958. Since then, it has been providing private and industrial customers with meticulously planned and professionally implemented scaffolding solutions. The QuadreX Group today has over 100 employees and it always sources its material from Layher. “The quality, flexibility and compatibility of the products are unbeatable, and they allow us to find a simple, efficient and safe solution for any scaffolding challenge,” said junior boss, Darius Postweiler, explaining the successful company’s consistent material philosophy. The QuadreX portfolio extends from simple scaffolding to complex industrial scaffolding and comprehensive site protection with the Protect system and various roof systems. It also uses Layher materials to implement temporary industrial halls and event buildings.

Postweiler only ever works with his own teams, which attend regular training workshops, to ensure that QuadreX can sustain its high quality standards. In complex projects he also consults with the technical experts at Layher in Eibensbach. “They’re great to work with. Most of the time I just have to give them a quick call to clarify something. The technicians at Layher always know what I need. They generally also send me a drawing that I can use in my quotation. And that’s one of the reasons why we get the customer contracts. My customers know we’re professionals because we use Layher.”





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