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Up here, you don’t notice much of the heat and noise of the scaffolded cement plant below. “At the moment I’m here at the site at least three times a week to supervise the ongoing projects,” explains Darius Postweiler, Junior Manager at QuadreX Geruestbau GmbH. “We’ve even got our own material store here, as we continually need to restructure scaffolding designs such as the accesses and working platforms within the plant. The flexible, light, high-precision Layher Allround Scaffolding is the best choice for this kind of work.

The operator of the cement plant places great emphasis on health and safety and has therefore made a conscious decision for QuadreX and Layher Allround Scaffolding. According to Darius Postweiler, those who know the industry place their trust in Layher material, as it meets all the prescribed safety requirements and comes with all the necessary certifications. The customers’ health and safety coordinators are also familiar with the safety features integrated in Layher products. 

Allround makes it possible – quickly and safely.
Project 1 on the site is the partial scaffolding of a material mill at approx. 40 metres above ground level for the inspection and subsequent construction of an enclosure. Here, the specialists from QuadreX needed to plan and build a bridging structure using Layher Allround Scaffolding material and lattice beams. An Allround tower was constructed as supporting structure. “As a great many trucks are constantly driving through the site, we need to ensure that our structures take up as little ground space as possible. Using our Allround material, we completed everything within a short time, which meant we saved working time and therefore wage costs,” says the scaffolder, explaining his concept. With its proven combination of positive and non-positive connections, Layher Allround Scaffolding has the ideal prerequisites, thanks to its AutoLock function.

The project was designed to additionally enable the assemblers from the construction company to install the sheet metal cladding safely from the scaffolding after the renovation work is completed.

Up here, complete reliability and safety are absolutely essential. 
Project 2 consisted of a scaffolding for inspecting a cyclone preheater and rotary kiln. “That was a very tough challenge for us,” says Postweiler. “First, we erected a 90-metre-high scaffolding for the material hoist in order to subsequently install scaffolding around all the pipes from the inside. The varying lengths of the ledgers and decks in the Allround System allowed us to work quickly and flexibly, despite the limited space.” The plant has now been restarted and the QuadreX team is in the process of dismantling the scaffolding for the material hoist at the same time. Temperatures of almost 1,400 °C in the direct vicinity of the kiln don’t make the work any easier. Watching the scaffolding specialists from QuadreX soon makes it evident that this type of work can only be completed by an experienced and extremely well-

trained team. Moreover, when it comes to material handling in these extreme conditions, the weight of each individual component is a crucial factor. The Lightweight Allround parts make the work a great deal easier and above all safer. Each individual working step needs to be well thought out in order to ensure the safety of the team. “We send our team members to Layher for training courses on a regular basis to make sure they are familiar with all of the current health and safety regulations and that each person in the team knows how to secure a scaffold,” explains Postweiler, who personally completed his training as scaffolder as the best in his year. 

QuadreX GmbH – scaffolding and more.
Since 1958, QuadreX Geruestbau GmbH (formerly Postweiler Geruestbau) has provided its customers with carefully planned, professionally erected scaffolding for both private and industrial customers. The company, which belongs to the QuadreX Group and meanwhile employs a workforce of over 100 people, works exclusively with material from Layher. “The quality, flexibility and combinability of the products are unrivalled and enable us to provide a straightforward, efficient, safe solution for every requirement,” says Junior Manager Darius Postweiler, explaining the consistent material philosophy of the successful enterprise. Today, our range includes everything from simple facade scaffolding and complex industrial scaffolding to a whole array of construction site protection concepts using the Protect System as well as various roof systems. In addition, QuadreX uses the material to erect temporary industrial buildings and event structures.

In order to maintain the company’s high quality standards, Postweiler works exclusively with his own regularly trained teams. Moreover, when faced with particularly complex projects he calls on the experts at Layher in Eibensbach for technical advice. “The collaboration with Layher works perfectly. One short phone call is enough and the technicians at Layher understand exactly what I need. Within a very short time they send me a drawing that I can use to submit my next offer. In most cases that is sufficient to secure us the order, as my customers acknowledge that working with Layher means you are dealing with a team of outstanding professionals.”





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