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North West England, where Manchester can be found, is one of the United Kingdom’s strongest economic regions. Many people are familiar with the city’s name because of its two premiere league football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United – and the latter’s famous Old Trafford stadium has featured in a football thriller or two. A lesser known fact about Manchester is that the city has two universities and a shortage of living space. That’s the reason why a new multiple apartment blockis being built on Burlington Square, close to the university and several schools, with 273 residential units. The main contractor chose Rose System Scaffolding as its facade scaffolding provider over tube and fitting because it was looking for a company that used Layher Allround Scaffolding.

“The building design features a series of 10 stepped roof areas that had to be matched by the scaffolding design,” explained James Brierley, Director of Rose System Scaffolding. “It was also important to allow for the free movement of men and materials. The use of Layher Allround Scaffolding enabled us to meet this requirement very quickly and flexibly. It’s this safety, flexibility, efficiency and speed that favours Layher scaffolding products.”

Everything about the system is a convincing proposition
The experienced scaffolding expert also appreciates the light weight of the Layher equipment because it simplifies storage, handing and erection. He also emphasised that one of the many advantages of the Layher Allround Scaffolding is the system’s unique basic principle, which makes it possible to make up to eight connections in various angles at the statically ideal Allround connector. The AutoLock function also enables fast and secure assembly. The friction locks are easily released with a hammer blow if it is necessary to change or supplement the scaffolding.

Safety and efficiency count
The facade scaffoldings were erected around the external perimeter and the inner courtyard. Rose System Scaffolding and Layher developed the layout of the scaffolding to provide safe access to the building’s steel frame during structural work and for the subsequent installation of the roofs and windows. “The advantage of the Layher Allround Scaffolding in this project, aside from the fact that it’s flexible and safe to erect, is that it has a wide basic structure and no ledger bracing across the working platforms getting in the way, making it much easier for the construction

workers to move around and transport materials and tools,” said Brierley. These benefits, in combination with Layher steel decking and stairtowers, made the scaffolding to guarantee safe as well providing access to the building site in Manchester. “The requirements of safety and flexibility in this project to erect a scaffolding around a building that is so important for the city, the university and its students, tested both the experts and the system to their limits. Together we demonstrated that Layher Allround Scaffolding brings significant benefits compared to conventional tube-and-fitting solutions," added Sean Pike, Layher’s UK Managing Director.

A man with a vision
Before James Brierley established Rose System Scaffolding he worked for one of the largest scaffolding companies in the North West of England. He set up Oldham-based Rose System Scaffolding just two years ago and the company exclusively uses Layer Allround Scaffolding. James first encountered Layher products in his previous job, and before long he had become a strong advocate of the Layher technology. James is particularly impressed by the economic advantages of Layher Allround Sacaffoldings as a result of it being so flexible and easy to handle. Rose System Scaffolding started out by taking on small and medium-sized projects. Positive feedback from clients has helped them build a solid reputation and their network of interesting contacts is continuously expanding. The current multiple apartment block is a project of impressive scale, and a reflection of how fast Rose System Scaffolding has evolved into a successful enterprise with the Layher system.





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